About Jazba

Established in the summer of 2006, Jazba came into existence when a few likeminded theatre enthusiasts joined hands to form a theatre group that wanted to be the change it wanted to see in the society. Over the last 9 years Jazba has given more than 500 performances around Delhi and across many cities this includes both stage and street plays. Today Jazba theatre group offers workshops in schools and colleges, training and development programs for theatre enthusiasts and partners with various corporate and business houses for theatre and related activities.

Jazba is an established Theatre Group with the mission and vision to promote art and culture through the medium of theatre. We are a diverse group of dedicated individuals who have rigorously worked towards making the group what it is today for the past one decade.

With this in mind the group that started as a street theatre society has now moved on to stage productions and short films that has won many accolades in the reputed theatre circuit of Mandi House. We have worked in collaboration with various NGO's such as Pravah, Help Age India ,schools and corporate houses like Hindustan Unilever.We also organise and host our own stage and street theatre festivals on an immense scale.

Jazba continues to move forward and forge their own way in the world of theatre. With every step we hope to achieve our mission successfully.Welcome to Jazba!

The institution which gave wings to dreams of many creative minds was initiated by Anurag Das Mathur with his fellow college mates in the year 2006. Jazba has showcased its talent in street and stage plays for the past ten years and has set a milestone. The evergreen and energetic street plays like "BHOOKH", " CHOTA MUHH BADI BAAT", " DUR DES SE AAYEGA KOI" and "NONSENSE" are still remembered among people and are appreciated. Stage plays like "TAULIYE","KIRAYEDAAR","ROOM NO.- 323", and its new production " BALI AUR SHAMBHU" add up to the achievements of this glorious institution.

With smart work, discipline and determination, this group works day and night with the motive to pass on the same “JAZBA” to the forth coming generations.

Governing body

Name: Tabu Chakrobarty
Experience: My roles and duties are: content Making, database management about past and present members of the group, issuing Circulars/Notices, i-cards, Appointment/Termination letter, experience letter, certificates, conducting and coordinating meetings and events and handling all the projects and proposal. We are providing all the database, scripts, books, Photos & Videos/movies.

Experience: Data management, Content Making, Taking updates, maintaining the database about past and present members of Jazba, Issuing Circulars/Notices, i-cards, Appointment/Termination letter, experience letter, certificates, Conducting and coordinating meetings and events. I handle all the projects and proposals along with all the official documents. Designing of poster and cards. We are providing all the database, scripts, books, Photos & Videos/movies. Keeping all the records of films, videos, books and scripts and managing contracts & outsource projects along with issuing Cost quotations.
While I step ahead each day; it gives me immense pleasure and confidence when I am aware that JAZBA is there to back me up.

Name: Rahul Singh
Experience: Being an active member of Jazba theatre group and currently working on the post of manager for media and marketing from last five years.
I have profoundly taken many workshops in the field of theatre and have performed in various street plays and stage plays since 2007

Name: Ganesh Joshi
Experience: 4 Years of working in Governing Body as an Assistant director Finance. My role is to make funds available & provide them according to the Groups requirements and handling all the monetary activities of the group like travelling, refreshments etc or involvement in the projects. Also coordination with the other departments to make things more easy & smooth to achieve all the tasks of the group.
It’s a been 9 years I am working in this group, I have learnt a lot from this group, I wish Jazba Theatre Group gets more success & recognition in near future, We all Governing Body has a dream to achieve this through our hard work, team work & honesty which we all keep forever.

Name: Abhishek Pandey
Experience: From last six years I have been associated with jazba theatre group where I performed more than 150 street plays all over University of Delhi and different states. Working as the manager of finance my role is to ensure that funds are made available to the group according to the needs and they are used judiciously. Apart from this all the monetary transactions are needed to be taken care of.

Name: Ashish Ahuja
Experience: I have been acting as Asst. Director (Media & Mktg) for 5 years now. Considering this role, I have developed a new identity within me. Imparting my knowledge and experience towards youth for theatre, we have been able to get into commercial activities.
This has been a great exposure when dealing with schools, NGOs, corporate, social events etc. After knowing the ground realities, we could ascertain the future which pertains to the newer generation and by providing this as a platform one could go beyond his/her dreams.

Name: Shekhar Manocha
Experience: Have been one the founding member of Jazba Theatre Group. Have participated in both stage and street plays since 2006. Currently working as the Assistant Director for Field department for our theatre group.

Name: Varun
Designation: FIELD MANAGER
Experience: After being an active member of Jazba theatre group from past few years, it is an entirely new experience to enter in the arena of governing body from past 3 months.      
I am working in the governing body as a FIELD MANAGER,  my duties includes planning and structuring of jazba's calendar year, execution of all the activities including auditions, workshops, play making, budgeting and other related activities.
I want to take this group to new heights of success.