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    Jazba Theatre Group lost its beloved member, Sagar Nagpal on 11th February, 2011. Sagar was one of the team's finest actors.

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    In the recent history, Jazba Theatre Group has received positive promotion and appreciation from mainstream media coverage houses like DD national..

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    Jazba theatre groups audition 2017.
    Date- 3rd and 4th August
    Venue- Ramanujan college

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    Motivation is the key to greatness so write down your thoughts to encourage us.

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Theatrical awareness in school campaign

Drama is a dynamic social learning process. The art makes us feel connected to each other and less isolated as we realize we all feel the same emotions. Understanding the importance of spreading awareness about art and theatre, Jazba Theatre Group initiated a 'Theatrical Awareness In Schools Campaign' to perform street and stage plays in various schools across the country. The initial thought was to provide the students with an exposure towards the field of theatre which is otherwise neglected at schools, giving them a ray of hope and imbibing theatre basics in them so that they start early and can have a bright future ahead.

Followed by the play, we devoted time for interactive sessions with students which aimed to resolve queries, be it related to the art or the social issue showcased. The session also motivated them to choose the right path to transverse upon and put a step in the world of theatre.

This year we are starting with the second edition of the Theatrical Awareness in Schools Campaign. The campaign is divided into two phases; I Phase- 11th Sept to 17th Oct and II Phase- 11th Dec to 31st Dec.

About Jazba Theatre

The institution which gave wings to dreams of many creative minds was initiated by Anurag Das Mathur with his fellow college mates in the year 2006. Jazba has showcased its talent in street and stage plays for the past ten years and has set a milestone.

The evergreen and energetic street plays like "BHOOKH", " CHOTA MUHH BADI BAAT", " DUR DES SE AAYEGA KOI" and "NONSENSE" are still remembered among people and are appreciated.

Director Note

My association with Jazba Theatre Group has been an unconditional one. It all started with a dedicated movement and that was to work for our society with the support of strongest media Theatre in it.

For me Theatre is not limited to Acting, Directing, Lights, Sounds etc. It has much more in it like Confidence, Team Work, Leadership, Working with limited resources and much more, with which one can work to uplift and empower the society. In our group we believe in producing leaders and every individual of our group is a leader in itself in the outer world.

Stage Production

Play Name : Bali Aur Shambhu
Written by : Manav Kaul
Directed by : Pawan Chauhan

Is old age that phase in a person's life, where he must simply relive his past glories, retrospect his actions and waste away precious time, awaiting his final moments? Or can it also be a time to build new relationships and cross all things off one's bucket list? Set in an old-age home, "Bali aur Shambhu" is the story of an unlikely friendship which blossoms between two completely distinct personalities. Shambhu, an irascible man who visits his dream world repeatedly and struggles with keeping up with his reality, now has to come around to accommodate the gregarious Bali, who is forced to find a refuge in the old age home because his family doesn’t want him. Everything, ranging from Shambhu’s misconception about his son-in- law, Shubhankar to his love for his daughter - Titli,seems to tumble down with time.

Achievements for session 2016-18:

Someone has rightly said that hardwork and dedication towards a goal never go in vein. Jazba Theatre Group has worked enthusiastically day and night to achieve its motives. From breath taking performances within Delhi University to eye opening plays amongst general public, it has won hearts. It has not only achieved everyone’s beliefs but also have trophies from various parts of the country.

The following are some achievements made by Jazba Theatre Group:

  • 1st in both Stage and Street Play competition for their productions "KIRAYEDAAR" and "DUR DES SE AAYEGA KOI" respectively in IIT Guwahati.
  • 1st in IIT Ahemdabad for their stage play production "Bali Aur Shambhu".
  • 2nd in IIT Delhi for their stage play "KIRAYEDAAR".
  • TAPAN KOSH was awarded best actor for our stage production "BALI AUR SHAMBHU" by Sahitya Kala Parishad in Mahavidyala Natya Samaroh.
  • ASHISH KUMAR received two best actors for our street play production "NONSENSE" from Kalindi College and Amity University.

Achievements for session 2015-16:

No. of 1st postions(6) No. of 2nd positions(4) No. Of 3rd positions(3) Other achievements(12)
Name  of the colleges Name  of the colleges Name  of the colleges Details
MSIT SKP Finals-stage (Jury Award) SKP Finals-Street SKP Stage Prelims
Shivaji College IHE Gargi College SKP Street Prelims
JIIT Bhagat Singh (Morning) Dayal Singh (Morning) ARSD Prelims
LIC Shaheed Rajguru College   SKP Finals Best Actor Nomination- Ishan Sharma
MAMC     SKP Finals Best Actress Nomination-Diksha Singh
Maharaja Agrasen College     SKP Finals Best Direction Nomination- Anurag Dass Mathur
      SKP Finals Best Production Nomination- Kirayedar
      SRCC Histrionica-Street
      KNC street prelims
      KNC stage prelims
      Bhagat Singh (Morning)- Street
      Jamia- street prelims

Achievements for session 2014-15:

No. of 1st postions(8) No. of 2nd positions(3) No. Of 3rd positions(7) Other achievements(10)
Name  of the colleges Name  of the colleges Name  of the colleges Details
IIT Kharagpur (Prelims) SKP- Tauliye (Finals) IIT Delhi IIT Bombay (Prelims)
SKP-Bhookh (Finals)  Moti Lal Nehru College PGDAV (Eve) IIT Delhi (Prelims)
Bimtech DDU College Mata Sundri College SKP Stage Prelims
Jamia Milia Islamia   Lady Irwin College SKP Street Prelims
IHE   Dayal Singh (Eve) ARSD Prelims
VIPS   MAC SKP Finals Best Actor Nomination-Guneet Singh
Youth Nexus (Prelims)   CBS- Stage Finals SKP Finals 2nd Best Actress Nomination-Tabu
Youth Nexus (Finals)     SKP Finals Best Direction- Paramanand 
      Best Actor JDMC- Deepanshu Madaan
      CBS Stage Prelims

Achievements for session 2013-14:

No. of 1st postions(5) No. of 2nd positions(3) No. Of 3rd positions(0) Other achievements(5)
Name  of the colleges Name  of the colleges Name  of the colleges Details
Dayal Singh (Eve) College SGGSC   SKP Preims
Rajdhani College Hindu College   SKP Finals
ULMIM Vivekananda College   Best Actor-Amritanshu Singh (Vivekanand College)
Mata Sundri College     Ramjas College Performance
Hindu (Medina)     Jan Natya Manch Performance

Achievements for session 2012-13:

In its past 8 years Jazba Theatre Group has performed in various colleges and collaborated with NGOs and corporate houses. With god's grace we have set up many milestones in these years. But as far as the college level competitions are concerned, Jazba has earned a name and a standing in the Delhi University Theatre Circuit.

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Latest News:

  • Jazba theatre group's unique initiative in spreading social awareness among the youth has been widely appreciated. The theatrical awareness in school's campaign has been a huge success.
  • Jazba organized the auditions for the applicants to become a part of our group. The footfall was tremendous as the group selected 20 new members from the lot.
  • Jazba held weekend theatre workshops which focus on honing the artistic and theatrical skills of the candidates.
  • The auditions for outsiders to become a part of Jazba theatre group are going to be organized very soon. Stay tuned for further updates.
  • Jazba theatre group is going to give summer theatre workshops this june in various schools to introduce the young minds to the world of theatre.
  • Jazba theatre group successfully organised their street theatre festival SAGAR NAGPAL MEMORIAL NUKKAD NATAK COMPETITION on 12th of march 2016. This SNMNNC Jazba 30 invited kids from NGO’S like PVR Nest and Sai Sanrachana as chief guests.Top theatre teams from all over Delhi came to prove their worth and win the prestigious Trophy associated with the event.
    IHE grabbed the first positIon followed by Shivaji college and MAC.
    Gargi was awarded the best script and MAC the best music.
  • Jazba held a get-together this february when all jazbaites came and made the day a success.The day was filled with fun and enthusiasm because of the spontaneous improvisations and a thrilling cricket match.
  • Jazba is going to organise their Stage play theatre festival - Rubaroo in the coming days.Follow our website and facebook page to remain updated for any further information.
  • HT city youth nexus:

    It is often said that a successful end defines a new beginning. Grabbing top honour in the street play competition of renowned HT CITY YOUTH NEXUS gave a bashful end to the session 2014-2015. This prestigious victory has led our hopes high in the coming future of our theatre destination.

  • Upcoming workshops:

    Learning at JAZBA has always been a fun in each and every sphere of theatre. So once again we are ready for upcoming summer workshops which will begin from 1st June 2015 and will last till 30th June 2015. The classes in workshop shall be given in basic pillars of theatre i.e. acting, dancing and singing. It is our privilege to get the classes from renowned people from NATIONAL SCHOOL OF DRAMA.


    An entire session in JAZBA cannot be defined by number of accomplishments we have made rather the experience we have gained in this process of learning. Surely the coming session of 2015-2016 shall bring more opportunities to perform and prove. And we have fasten our seat belts in order to accept the new challenges and we are ready to paint the canvas of sky with flying colours.


    Patience, persistence and perspiration makes an unbeatable ingredient for combination of success and satisfaction. We are talking here of our very own Sagar Nagpal Memorial Nukkad Natak Competition 2014-2015 which has been a roaring success. Indeed it was the next big thing in its span of five year. Jazba is sure to make it a grand with the years to come.

  • Selection of new team leader

    Leader is one whose actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more. We are very happy to have IMRAN SEIKH as our new leader of session 2015-2016. We are sure to unveil new regions of theatre under his motivation and guidelines and make this year a productive and creative one.

  • November, 2014

    Music is the most soulful means of expressing yourself. For music speaks for what cannot be said and is impossible to be silent upon. Music adds soul to the entire universe. The music of 'Kavishe', the first short film of Jazba, is ready. To be released soon. >>

  • November, 2014

    Combining an 8 year journey in a 5 minute video is highly difficult task, which has been accomplished by Kabir Arora, member of the current team rather beautifully. So here's presenting the first ever video proposal of Jazba!! Like, comment, share, subscribe. http://youtu.be/HEgc3FpfsRQ >>


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