Devendra Ahirwar – Communication in-general and Music : - 1st to 11th July 2013

The annual workshop for the session 2012-13 was conducted by an alumnus of Bhopal school of Drama- Mr Devendra Kumar Ahirwar sir. His workshop mainly concentrated on the musical aspect of dramatics, something which gave every play its depth. Devendra sir surely lived up to his repute of being an extremely learned, talented and inventive music composer. He forwarded us his art of writing poetry and later, of composing it too.

Apart from covering both theoretical and practical knowledge of music, he even taught us the advanced communication and dialogue delivery required for street theatre.

Mahendra Mewati - Presidium Acting :- unknown days, October 2012

The annual workshop for the session 2012-13 was conducted by an alumnus of The National School of Drama- Mr. Mahendra Mewati sir, during the Dusshera holidays. The intended 10 day workshop turned out to be only for 2 days after which he became unavailable due to his impromptu shooting schedule for the movie “Bhaag Milkha Bhaag”.

His workshop concentrated majorly over various types of body languages and cheat codes for dialogue delivery on-stage.

Vikas Bahari - Team building and Realism :- 18th to 28th January 2012

The annual workshop for the session 2011-12 was conducted by an alumnus of Bhopal school of Drama- Mr Vikas Bahari sir.Much required guidance from him as he was master in connecting those dots in order to overcome barriers which could create conflicts among team members. The person of his experience had the instinct power to read any person's character by his own style as he engaged us in various exercises.He also threw some light on history of theater and Indian cinema industry.

Anurag Dass Mathur-Summer Workshop :- 7th July to 18th July 2011

The summer workshop was conducted by our own Director of Jazba Theatre Group-Mr Anurag Dass Mathur during summer holidays.In workshop he tried to cover all aspects of the theater right from the basics such as voice modulation exercises, physical exercises,story building exercises, personality development exercises , improvisation , face and expression exercises.He also shared his views on how to build communication skills in order to have power to convince ,power to adapt and power to negotiate.Moreover he also taught how to develop new sounds using your own voice and body.

Rahul Pathak :- 5th October to 13th October 2010

Carrying his experience from LTG (Little Theatre Group) where he worked as an actor over there and worked in some of the famous plays such as "Dus Din Ka Anshan" by Vijay Tendulkar. With loads of experience of Stage Theater he was the right person to take us to the stage in order to get confidence within us in order to face the audience.In which situation as to what expression to be formed or what improvisation to be done? , he had answers to all those questions.

Mr. Arvind Gaur :- 4th October to 14th October 2009

The famous personality of Delhi's street theater who actively took part in the protest organised by Anna Hazare which was against corruption.With the backing up of Asmita Theatre Group , he made us familiar with modern style and techniques used in today's modern theater whether it is with lighting , acting, props or sound.He made us think out of the box in order to inculcate creativity within us.